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Renata Cerveny

Renata Cerveny

Quarterly Reports Manager & Client Services Manager

Renata is an experienced professional with planning and organizational skills that balance work, team support and responsibilities in a timely and professional manner. She has 17 years of experience in portfolio administration and seamless client experience. Her primary objective is to provide excellent customer service to the client and support the advisors by carrying out administrative responsibilities. Attention to detail, good listening skills and great empathy are symbols of her appreciation by her team.

Renata graduated at the Engineering Technology College in the Czech Republic with a degree in technology. She speaks Polish, Russian, Italian, English, and Czech.

Employment Background:
Upon completion of her education, Renata became a restaurant owner in Prague, Czech Republic. After three successful years, she sold her interest in the restaurant to become a Sales Manager. During her tenure she managed six stores, all of which recorded remarkable sales. In 1999 Renata moved to Chicago, Illinois where she managed a small café. In 2004 Renata began her career in the financial services industry at Beal Bank of Newport Beach.

Why at LCM:
Renata believes that LCM is the optimal environment. She recognizes the value of working with colleagues of high professional integrity and experience; as well as having access to resources that only a supportive team can provide.

Personal Interests:
Renata enjoys healthy lifestyle, snow skiing, traveling to a new destinations, helping community, spending time at the beach , hiking, and visiting with family in Czech Republic. Her passions are volunteering projects, collective spiritual awareness, personal growth, and live life with joy.